What we do

The CLF provides opportunities and training to help develop Australia’s future leaders. Our broad range of programs are designed to engage young conservatives in action-centric critical thinking.

We also help to ensure students have access to some of the most effective training opportunities in Australia and internationally. Our programs include:

Read to Lead:

For young people with leadership aspirations, reading and learning from fellow conservative thinkers is an invaluable experience. The Read to Lead program identifies, acquires and reviews new titles that can assist young conservative leaders.

The Read to Lead program aims to expand the knowledge and understanding of conservative history, politics, ideas and values among CLF alumni.

We draw on a database of thousands of books on a wide range of topics to ensure the content is both engaging and stimulating. We seek to add multiple copies of every Read to Lead volume to our CLF reference library for the use of our students.

Donations to the Read to Lead program enable the purchase of these titles and, should it be requested, each book can record the name of the donor as a perpetual gift to our library for the benefit of future CLF students.

Campus Action Plan:

The Campus Action Plan (CAP) is a program to assist university students in their efforts to support centre-right ideas on campuses around Australia. Pre-existing campaign templates are available for various events throughout the year that can be celebrated by conservative students. Celebrating conservatism not only upsets the often uncontested leftist ideologies on campuses, but also serves as an opportunity to educate other students about the true course of history and the dangers of collectivist policies. The CAP not only supports students, but welcomes their participation and input into future campaign concepts. Student campaign ideas, designs, strategies and campus experiences are incredibly important in our efforts to ensure that we can provide the best possible resources. The CAP offers incentives for new and innovative ideas to further educate university students about the philosophies and accurate history of conservatism and its role in contemporary society.


The CLF offers internships and employment opportunities to students who demonstrate academic rigour and a passion for conservative issues and values. Subject to vacancies and organisational capacity, internships are offered throughout the year at our offices in Adelaide. We also offer a limited number of remote programs where self-motivated individuals can contribute to the conservative cause in a structured manner.

Events and Functions:

The CLF hosts and coordinates a range of events to promote conservative thought and leadership. Featuring a range of high quality keynote speakers from business, politics and the media, CLF events have been conducted Australia wide. Our events range from boardroom breakfasts for small groups through to cocktail functions and formal dinners attended by over 300 guests. These events are a key part of building a national network where conservatives can meet with other like minded individuals. From student activists through to internationally known conservative men and women, CLF events bring conservatives together.

International Associations and Exchanges:

The CLF offers future leaders the opportunity to participate in a variety of international activities, exchanges and internships. The new skills and unique experiences that young Australian conservatives can gain from such training is invaluable in their development as leaders and as global conservative thinkers. Our established links with like-minded organisations, think-tanks, conference organisers and conservative leaders across the globe provides an unparalleled experience for Australian conservatives. We also provide reciprocal exchange opportunities for students and interns of our international associates.

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