Welcome to the Conservative Leadership Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the Conservative Leadership Foundation (CLF). Since 2009 we have supported leadership development and training for young conservatives.

The CLF exists to inspire, develop and support Australia’s future leaders who identify with the guiding principles of limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and traditional values.

We assist men and women who are prepared to be a public voice for the traditionalist conservative perspective to take leadership roles in business, the media, academia, political and community organisations. 

We do this through mentoring young conservatives to help them develop the practical knowledge and skills necessary to overcome the challenges of being a vocal conservative within the community or in public life. 

The CLF also provides direct financial support to young conservatives to help develop their ideas and initiatives or provide experiences that will help make a lasting contribution to the conservative cause. 

The new skills and unique experiences that arise from such opportunities are considered invaluable in their development as leaders and global conservative thinkers.