We're here to help

It can be tough being a conservative.

Left-wing ideology seems to dominate the media, our university campuses and the public square. It can be very lonely being a voice of reason and common sense when it seems like everyone else has swallowed the left rhetoric without a second thought.

But you are not alone. You are one of the millions of Australians who support critical thinking and the wisdom gained from centuries of human experience.

The CLF brings conservatives together – to inspire, to support, to laugh and to lead.

Our team of volunteers work to develop future leaders and help them get established in business, the media, the community and in politics.

The CLF network is committed to supporting the careers of young people dedicated to championing conservative values.

We can help you strengthen your existing skills, discover new talents, develop as a leader, experience unforgettable events and meet a great bunch of new people.


Our work 

Since 2009 the CLF motto has been “Developing leaders, supporting action”.

We’ve lived up to it by providing sponsorship, support and training for conservatives across Australia.

We have sponsored a national essay competition generating thousands of entries as well as distributing many thousands of books supporting our core values of freedom, personal responsibility and free enterprise.  Our financial support has been delivered to conservative authors and assisted in the publication of their work.  Our national outreach has produced formal dinners, cocktail events, debates, forums, book launches and team building activities.

We have also delivered formal training in media presentation, public speaking and fundraising across the country. The CLF has sponsored short films and documentaries promoting conservative thought, enabling a new generation of conservatives to be motivated and inspired by enduring principles. 

Our intern and mentoring program has given dozens of trainees their first practical advice and skills training to support their career goals.

The CLF also supported the establishment of numerous organisations and groups to represent the conservative cause. Some have built national profiles whilst others apply their efforts, just as effectively, in less public ways.

Our success can be measured in many ways but the results speak for themselves.

Whilst we have engaged tens of thousands, it is notable that many alumni have entered public life, run as candidates for office or engaged in public advocacy. Others have chosen a more private path knowing that the skills, friendships and knowledge they gained will benefit them, their families and their community for decades to come.


Our support

The work of the CLF is supported by private financial contributions. It does not accept money from governments, political parties or non-Australian domiciled persons or organisations. Gifts are deemed to be unconditional contributions toward the work of the CLF and are not tax-deductible.

The CLF does not contribute to any political party nor make resources available for party political activities or electoral campaigns. 

The donor and volunteer support for the CLF over many years has been a great demonstration that when conservatives work together we really can make a difference.

We’ll continue to make that difference by supporting individuals and organisations building Australia’s conservative movement.