HQ for Conservatives

CLF House is the headquarters of Australia’s conservative movement. We refer to it as CHQ and it’s the hub for the Foundation’s activities and national outreach.

With dedicated office facilities for our regular team members, CLF House also features formal and informal meeting areas for conservatives to gather together.

Our training room provides a versatile and vibrant facility to host around 120 students with theatre-style seating or upwards of 150 in a cocktail format. It also acts as a co-working ‘hot-desk’ environment for up to 40 volunteers whilst providing access to great coffee, fresh fruit and full kitchen facilities.

CLF House is fitted with Wi-Fi, VoIP telephony and fast Internet access providing a modern and flexible working environment.

The building also houses the CLF media studio; our state of the art audio and video production centre which is used for training students in important elements of media presentation and production. The studio is also made available to third party organisations as appropriate.

Established and maintained through donations and community support, CLF House is an important step forward for the conservative movement and is a long-term investment in developing Australia’s future leaders. 

CLF House also provides office facilities and support to third party organisations. We offer pro-bono support, function facilities and office accommodation to not-for-profit organisations and on a commercial basis to private or political organisations.